Bringing Generations Together
One Visit at a Time

Visiting Teens

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What We Do

Many seniors today are isolated, lonely, and forgotten by their communities.  Visiting teens gathers young people together to meet with those from the older generation, sharing stories and exchanging questions about each other’s experiences.

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Visiting Stories

We capture some of our visits in order to share the exceptional progress we make in bridging our generations. Here are our featured stories open to anyone interested in either learning something new or reading up on our most inspirational senior lifetime stories.

Why It Matters

Thousands of elderly live alone, and some do not have any family to talk to or visit. Visiting Teens is so important because it offers companionship, and helps people feel not so alone.

Our Mission

Visiting Teens is an organization founded by high school students whose purpose is to meet with members of the older generation in their community. By meeting with senior citizens, the teens gain knowledge from their stories and experiences, while also providing the older generation companionship. It is very beneficial for both generations to learn from one another. The high school students can supply tips and tricks about technology to the older adults while getting to know one another over a cup of coffee.

If you would like to be part of bringing generations together, please contact us to set up a date.