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Our Founders

Meet our Founder, Olivia Cederquist

Olivia Cederquist was inspired by seeing the happiness it brought to her 100 year old great grandmother when she visited.  She decided others could also benefit from the simple pleasure of a friendly visit and inspired a few like-minded compassionate friends with similar experiences to create the loving spirit of Visiting Teens.

In 2011, Olivia’s great grandmother passed away. Olivia always enjoyed visiting her great grandmother because she lived to be one hundred years old and always had amazing stories to tell. Maria (Olivia’s Great Grandmother) traveled the world, lived through World War I and World War II, and spoke eight languages. Maria had such a beautiful mind that was so special to Olivia.

To this day, the memories and advice Maria gave is still an inspiration to her loved ones. The idea of Visiting Teens was created because the stories and lives of the older generation should never be forgotten.  There is so much to learn and appreciate from any and all generations.

In 2018, Olivia and her two founding ambassadors, Lexy Maulsby and Morgan French turned the concept of Visiting Teens into a reality.  In other cultures throughout the world, the elders are considered the wisest and the ones the younger generations turn to for advice.  However, in the United States, aging adults are not as revered as they are a symbol of the feared aging process, are considered slower and obsolete. Visiting Teens wants to change that mind set. Each generation is unique and each generation should be respected and have their stories heard.

Visiting Teens is one way to get involved with the senior citizens in your community. Once you engage in meaningful conversation with a member of the older generation, you realize how fascinating each person’s life is, and how much they have contributed to society.