• Olivia Cederquist

Friendship knows no age limits. Teens and Centenarian share current events!

One of the most amazing people Visiting Teens has had the opportunity to work with is Sarah Deetes. Mrs. Deetes is one-hundred and two years old and turning one-hundred and three in just a few months. She has many years of experience and knowledge which she wholeheartedly shares with the teens. Being one-hundred and two, Sarah has lived through some of history’s largest events, including the Great Depression and World War II. Sarah has a letter written and signed by President Donald Trump congratulating her for turning one-hundred which the teens have seen framed in her apartment.

Mrs. Deetes grew up in Nebraska and was a school teacher, a loving wife, and a mother. Mrs. Deetes and her husband met in high school and later got married. Her husband served our country in the Navy. Mrs. Deetes has many children and grandchildren, one of whom we also get the pleasure of visiting. Her daughter, Mrs. Moran, is always at the visits with us and she helps her mother remember details of her childhood and life.

During our visits with Mrs. Deetes, we often read current events in newspapers and magazines because Mrs. Deetes loves to be updated on the current times but suffers from partial blindness. Mrs. Deetes states that she loves the way we read out loud to her because it is something she does not get very often and it allows her to better understand the articles. One of the teens wrote an article that was published in eBella magazine and the teen herself got to read her article to Mrs. Deetes. Sarah expressed how proud she was and how wonderfully the article was written. While reading and discussing newspapers and magazines, there would be phrases or details that would remind Mrs.Deetes of her travels abroad and how things have changed throughout her years.

One afternoon we flipped through Mrs. Deetes’ high school yearbook and looked at the pictures from when Sarah was our same age. Mrs.Deetes loves to talk about the school dances and the sports she used to play. One of Mrs. Deetes's favorite past-times is listening to the piano and meeting with people in her assisted living home because she is quite the social butterfly. Every resident and staff at the nursing home knows and loves Sarah because she is always reaching out and spending time with others. Sarah Deetes has so much wisdom and experience which she loves to share. Visiting with her is a special blessing because her perspective on life is inspiring to the teens.

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