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Visiting Teens
Changes Lives

What We Do

Visiting teens gathers young people together to meet with those from their older generation. Visiting teens sets up both group gatherings and one-on-one dates at local coffee shops and cafés. There are also specially organized events dedicated to specific subject matters- such as technology tips- that are open to everyone. These technology tricks can help their senior companions stay well connected with both their friends and their tech-savvy grandchildren. These meetings are also designed to provide companionship and an excellent exchange in conversation that can be beneficial to both age groups. Each person can also share stories and exchange questions about each other’s experiences. Growing flourishing relationships and uniting the generations is what Visiting Teens is all about!

Why Visiting Teens

Teenagers everywhere need to be more connected, involved, and aware of the other generations around them. Visiting teens allows ordinary teens to learn the fascinating histories of many seniors in our communities; learning from each other first-hand is the greatest way to compare what life was like in two different time periods. It is important that we share our knowledge with one another; teens can offer the current fundamental tech tips and seniors can perhaps provide beneficial life advice.

Lasting Effects

No matter the age, everyone needs companionship in their lives. Visiting teens offers each person a unique relationship with one another. Although some visits may only last for a short amount of time, the relationships and memories each person gains from them will remain in their hearts for a lifetime. There is so much to learn, appreciate, and remember from the generations that precede us. Everyone should embrace the amazing opportunities visits like these can bring.