Why It Matters

The Importance of Companionship

Thousands of elderly live alone, and some do not have any family to talk to or visit. Visiting Teens is so important because it offers companionship, and helps people feel not so alone. Having a constant meeting time with a teenager once a week, month, or year gives something great to look forward to in each person’s life. Companionship is something that everyone wants in their life and having a friendly face to talk to can make life more exciting.

Isolation and Inclusion

Many people in the older generation feel isolated and not caught up with the times. Visiting Teens can offer technology help to people that feel disconnected through the growing technology era. There are many ways to get people more connected in a community. Even if, the connection is just a meeting telling stories about the past you never know what can come out from it.

It All Matters

Respect, inclusion, and companionship are just three words Visiting Teens incorporates in every visit. Every person has the power of impacting another person’s life in a positive way. Get involved, every visit matters!